About thisNik


A nerd with a mission.

This Nik – not that one, or the other one.  Accept no substitutions, rain checks or insertions.

Nik is a queer nerd with a predilection for authenticity, intersectionality, and talking about things that make us uncomfortable.  He believes that when one lives in/as a discursive identity – whether by choice or perception – the personal becomes political by simple virtue of the ways in which institutionalized norms are enacted upon non-normative people… which is a wordy way of saying that he thinks things like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, size phobia, shame around sex, age and class are all pretty fucked up, and that the best way to foment change is to talk about, be aware of, and work in solidarity with others to break the cycle.

In his spare time, Nik enjoys following the muse to whatever creative endeavor presents itself, be it photography, skipping in public, or dressing up for no reason whatsoever.  Currently, Nik spends most of his time split between school, work, spontaneous acts of creativity, and acting as the designated human servant to his cats, Captain Malcolm Pants and Sir August Gus Gus Guster Pants the third.



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  1. Hi Nik-

    I came across your blog today after getting really upset about not yet being able to pass and having a family who believes deeply in the gender binary. I’m stuck back home in the south right now (have been living in Chicago for years) and was freaking out about the lack of gender diversity or any kind of resource down here near Nashville. I don’t know really what to write, I just wanted to thank you for blogging- it really meant a lot to me today to be able to find your story and someone I could connect with. So thanks.


    • Eli –

      Hey there. Thank you for writing; I’m glad putting this stuff out on the internets has been some kind of useful. Keep breathing. You’re going to get through this, and the internerds are full of community even if you have limited access to resources locally. Take care of yourself, and know this little corner of the world is rooting for you.


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