Stop comparing race to other minority experiences (but only sort of)

 This is partially a note to self. Race, and the issues of privilege surrounding race, are unlike that of any other minority experience. Have white passing privilege? Then your experience is not the same as people perceived as not-white. Are you or do you have some other minority experience/identity? Are you a woman, or fat, [...]

The challenge is not forgetting –

I’ve had mixed success with school. In kindergarten, my teacher told my mother that I would never make it to first grade. I did, of course, and took AP/honors classes wherever they were available. In high school, I lettered in choir, enrolled concurrently at my local community college… and flunked out. Got my GED. Worked [...]


I wonder about the use of the word. I wonder hard about it. How is it ever considered a positive use of a term when addressing those who are not cisgendered? Really? I have to wonder.

Cultural Appropriation Analogy for (White) Kids…?

Let’s talk about possession. When you’re a kid, it’s more about things: your toys, your clothes, your food. Needs and wants are largely iterated with concrete physical manifestations thereof; identity is later extrapolated from these building blocks. So for talking to white kids about cultural appropriation, can one simplify it down to possession? Possibly. Think [...]